When Life is a Mess

an e-course to help you get organized, take control and win your life back!

Who This Course is For

This 25 minute video e-course is to help you escape the cycle of overwhelm and chaos! You'll be taken through the three pillars needed to achieve freedom from stress and pressure, so you can live a clutter free life for good, both inside and out.

This quick course should be of interest to you if you feel stuck in a cycle of anxiety and overwhelm. If you are looking to regain control over your life, a more stress free and feel good life, then you've come to the right place.

What You'll Find in This Course

  • Understand THE CHAOS CYCLE and how it affects your life
  • Learn about the 3 PILLARS to lasting change and life transformation while getting organized for good
  • The reasons why 'FIXING' one area of your life can actually make it worse in other areas
  • The keys that most people GET WRONG and the reasons most people struggle with clutter for years
  • How to GET STARTED when you've been stuck in a cycle for years
  • How to TAKE BACK CONTROL in all areas of your life

Meet Your Instructor

Kim Sneath

Clutter Coach/Breakthrough Specialist

Kim helps busy people eliminate overwhelm and break through their blocks, both physical and mental, that have held them back for years.

Her personal success in owning, renovating, staging and selling several properties across Canada, bringing in multiple offers over asking, is what led her to begin her staging business in 2007.

Additionally, Performance Coaching with corporate organizations in Europe, the US and Canada has enriched her practice as a Clutter Coach to help her clients navigate their busy lives, careers and relationships to deeper levels of satisfaction, leading them to transform their space and their life.

What Clients Say

Lucie Boudreau

Mom & Business Owner

I was very overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I felt so light after all this was done!

Rachelle Vekris

Mom & Speech Therapist

I called Kim when I couldn't bear getting through the day anymore. Her coaching made a huge difference in my home and my ability to raise my three kids with the love and attention they deserve.

Ron Cameron


I tried to do it on my own, but it took Kim - with her charming personal manner and clarity of purpose - to make sense of the chaos.

Learn the affects of The CHAOS CYCLE and how YOU can gain control once and for all to achieve peace and balance in all areas of your life!

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